Installing Elm-pair for Neovim using vim-plug

This page describes how to install Elm-pair for Neovim using the vim-plug plugin manager. It assumes vim-plug has already been installed.

If you run into trouble we'd love to help. Please reach out!

  1. Open your Neovim configuration file. It is typically located either at ~/.vimrc or ~/.config/neovim/init.vim.

  2. Find the section of the configuration file listing plugins, or create this section if it does not exist. Then add the Elm-pair plugin, so the end result looks like this:

    call plug#begin()
    Plug 'jwoudenberg/elm-pair', { 'rtp': 'editor-integrations/neovim' }
    " .. potentially more plugins here!
    call plug#end()
  3. Save the configuration file and start a fresh Neovim. In it type :PlugInstall and hit enter to install Elm-pair.