Installing Elm-pair for Neovim using packer.nvim

This page describes how to install Elm-pair for Neovim using the packer.nvim plugin manager. It assumes packer.nvim has already been installed.

If you run into trouble we'd love to help. Please reach out!

  1. Open your packer plugin specification file at ~/.config/nvim/lua/plugins.lua.

  2. Add the Elm-pair to the list of plugins, so the end result looks like this:

    return require('packer').startup(function()
      use {'jwoudenberg/elm-pair', rtp = 'editor-integrations/neovim'}
      -- .. potentially more plugins here!
  3. Save the configuration file and start a fresh Neovim. In it type :PackerCompile and hit enter to install Elm-pair.