Installing Elm-pair for Neovim using Nix home-manager

This page describes how to install Elm-pair for Neovim using home-manager. It assumes you're already using home-manager for managing your Neovim configuration.

If you run into trouble we'd love to help. Please reach out!

  1. Open your home-mananger configuration and modify the section configuring Neovim to make it look like this:

    { pkgs, ... }:
      programs.neovim = {
        enable = true;
        plugins =
            elm-pair = pkgs.fetchFromGitHub {
              owner = "jwoudenberg";
              repo = "elm-pair";
              rev = "release-latest";
              sha256 = lib.fakeSha256;
          in [ (import elm-pair).neovim-plugin ];
  2. Save your home-manager configuration file and apply it by running home-manager switch. This command will fail with a hash mismatch error. Replace lib.fakeSha256 in the code above with the correct hash provided in the error message.

  3. run home-manager switch again to install Elm-pair.