Elm-pair helps you write Elm code. You tell Elm-pair about the change you want to make and it will do the actual work. It's a bit like using an IDE, except you don't need to learn any keyboard shortcuts.

You talk to Elm-pair by making a change in your code. If Elm-pair understands your intent then it will follow up with its own change.

Renaming variables, types, and constructors

Rename a variable and Elm-pair will propagate the new name wherever the variable is used. Elm-pair will propagate type and constructor names in the same way.

Demonstration of rename functionality in Visual Studio Code

Changing import statements

As you change an import statement alias or exposing list, Elm-pair will update your code to keep it compiling.

Demonstration of import statement functionality in Visual Studio Code

Use your own editor

Elm-pair integrates with your editor of choice. Currently Visual Studio Code and Neovim are supported, with support for additional editors planned. Elm-pair runs on MacOS and Linux.